Kitchen Trends

One of the most important rooms in your home. It serves not only as a space of practicality and storage, but a place of communicating and gathering. It may come as no surprise that a kitchen can make or break the selling of your home. And while we, at Gateway Realty, do not always advise renovating before putting your home on the market, your kitchen might just be the exception. Below, we offer a few elements and trends for you to consider that could make your kitchen more inviting and appealing to buyers.


Have you ever browsed material for countertops before and wondered, “does the type of countertop really matter?” We get it; it’s an expensive project. However, according to homeowners and prospective homebuyers, it does matter. This comes with good reason. Think of the countertops in your kitchen. They go through a lot! Between appliances, spills, and the wear and tear of the daily routine, your countertops can quickly look worse for the wear and become more and more difficult to maintain. That is why many homebuyers are turning to quartz countertops. Between its durability, style, and easiness to clean, a quartz countertop is an investment that may make your space more appealing to a prospective buyer.


When you picture your dream kitchen, does it have an island? If your answer is “yes,” then you are in the company of the majority of homeowners and buyers. And we get it – what’s not to love about a kitchen island? It opens the possibility for more storage space, more room for décor, and more convenient places for people to gather. Now take that dream island and expand it, even to as much as seven feet. That is an emerging trend we, at Gateway Realty, have seen in the world of kitchen renovations. Oversized islands offer the practicality and style that prospective buyers are craving.


It may be obvious that floors go through an especially harsh wear-and-tear process, and this is especially true in Idaho. Think about it! The natural elements, as well as debris from outdoor activities, leave ample opportunity for dirt and grime to creep onto your floors. At Gateway Realty in Twin Falls, Idaho, we have seen an emerging flooring trend that offers style, as well as ease of cleaning. While hardwood floors are still the leading choice in the kitchen, vinyl is a close second. Why, you might ask? There are a few reasons. First, and perhaps the most obvious, vinyl is less expensive than hardwood. However, vinyl still offers many of the same benefits and styles of hardwood flooring with easier upkeep, making it an attractive and practical option.


What if you are looking to boost the value of your home but do not have the time and/or money for a more invasive renovation? Look no further than the coloring. Though it may seem as simple as putting on a coat of paint, the color of your kitchen has more of an impact than you might think. The right color has the ability to make your space seem bigger, brighter, and more inviting. According to current homeowners, as well as prospective buyers, white and gray are the top choices for kitchen coloring, as it gives the space a more crisp and modern spin.


High-tech appliances are a key area in which homeowners and buyers want to invest. It makes sense, right? The daily routine is busy and sometimes flat-out chaotic. Homeowners want ease and efficiency where they can get it – so why not the kitchen? With the rise in wireless and smartphone-controlled options, a change in appliances might just be what your kitchen needs to a prospective buyer.