One of the first steps of coming into the real estate world is choosing which office you will work with. Some of the best questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What company will offer proper training and answer my questions?
  2. Will I have fees to pay?
  3. How does the broker interact with the realtors in their office? Does the broker interact with the realtors in their office?
  4. Is the company reputable?
  5. What is the office culture? Do I feel at home?

What Company Will Offer Proper Training and Answer My Questions?

As a new realtor, it can feel pretty crazy with trying to remember all that you have learned and on top of that move into a new space. You probable have a lot of questions and need someone with a pulse to answer them. This is where a good company and broker come into play. While searching for a company to join, make sure that you will receive proper training and answer all the questions that you have. You want to make sure you are set up for success and the good companies will ensure you are ready to take on the real estate world.

Will I Have Fees to Pay?

This question can be tricky because each office will be different. Some offices require you to pay a fee for using a desk while working at their office, while others may charge you for technology fees. If you are lucky, some offices don’t charge you fees. It all depends on what you are comfortable with being charged for and what you are willing to pay.

How Does the Broker Interact with The Realtors in Their Office? Does the Broker Interact with The Realtors in Their Office?

It is important to create a good professional relationship with your boss of course, but does your Broker even want a relationship with you? Before entering a company you might want to get the opinion of agents that work in the office to see if  it’s a good fit for you. Some people prefer just not to be bothered, but others enjoy a daily conversation or tips and advice from their broker. It is all up to you.

Is the Company Reputable

Once you are positioned in a company, people will associate you with that company. Your name will be on signs with the company logo, you will have business cards with the logo, you want to make sure that what your name is on something that you are proud of and is trustworthy.

What is the Office Culture? Do I Feel at Home?

 You might think that the office culture might not matter, but the office culture is what can make or break your experience. Some offices offer fun incentives that can boost your motivation and offer a little friendly competition or perhaps the company has a monthly potluck that brings the office together. Whatever it is that an office can do to make your office feel like a home or a place that you belong, the better.

In conclusion, if you are a new realtor stepping into the game double check with the office that you are looking into joining. Odds are there may be things that you like, but also items that you don’t enjoy. Ask questions and become engaged in learning about who you will be working for and that the company that you are joining is all that you could ask for.