Accent walls have flooded the scene as of recent years. A variety of houses on the Parade of Homes this year had decorative accent walls that complemented the decor and overall look of the home. We think these walls add a nice touch of color and texture to any home and could be the perfect fit for you. 

We want to cover some of our favorite accent walls that really add value to a home, and add a fun touch to your living space. 

Pop of Color

Set your walls apart with a pop of color. This is a great way to make a bold statement to the room and draw emphasis to a decorative art piece or a family photo. 

Wood Accents

Would accents add a homey feel to your space. It can create depth to the room and elevate any space. 


Textured – Wayne’s Coating 

A style that has been around for years. This classic look can add texture to any boring room. It creates a nice backdrop to any piece of furniture or light fixture and will guarantee family members to fall in love with the look of your home. 


Slat Walls

The slat wall trend is a trend that adds a look of modernism to your space. Whether that be covering your wall, or simply framing your windows, this look is sure to wow any guest. 


Brick is a classic outside look brought indoors. It makes the space crisp and clean and can completely change the look of any room. We recommend a brick accent wall in the kitchen or bedrooms. 

If you are looking to make some improvements, or simply want to switch up the look in your home, accent walls are the way to go. It can be an easy adjustment that will make the biggest change. Let us know your thoughts and which accent wall is your favorite.