Gateway Real Estate

When buying or selling a home, the name of the game is detail. 

Including, finding a home that fits your needs, a community that complements your lifestyle, with a price that matches your budget, and so much more.

This means you need a Twin Falls Realtor that listens, communicates, and has the time for you.   That is where we come in. 

When searching for real estate companies, there are lots of options.  These range from large, nationwide companies to small boutiques like us.  Allow us to break down what the boutique experience could mean for when looking for houses for sale and buying homes in the Twin Falls area.

  • Customer Service

At Gateway Real Estate, we know our clients are real people with real needs and concerns, not numbers to quickly push in and out of the door.  Our Twin Falls Realtors and agents live and breathe customer service.  This means:

  1. We know how to help real estate novices, as well as experienced home buyers.
  2. We ask the right questions to make sure you find your dream home. 
  3. (and most importantly) We have the time to prioritize you


  • Flexibility

When people are looking for houses for sale and want to buy homes in Twin Falls, the home buying and selling process is not always a straight line.  There may be the inevitable, unpredictable hiccups, such as possible scheduling conflicts from your place of work or potential loan complications from the bank. At Gateway Real Estate, our Twin Falls Realtors and agents are both adaptable and unphased by this process. This means you can have peace of mind and leave the rest up to us.  

  • We Work for You

Our motto is simple: your needs are our priority.  We mean that.  If you need to meet local contacts, we have a list of people ready to introduce you to.   If you need time, we have it to give.  If you need tips and tricks about the area, we have them.  At Gateway Real Estate, you will find smiling faces and an atmosphere that is both professional and comfortable for you.  

So, why wait?  Your dream home is a phone call away.  Contact our realtors in Twin Falls, Jerome and Kimberly now!

Praise From Our Clients