Home Inspections - Buy With Confidence

Buy with Confidence

There is little doubt that one of the most expensive purchases in your lifetime will be your home. A key element to buying with confidence is having a thorough home inspection, prior to your purchase, performed by a qualified professional.

Every seller wants to show their home in the best possible light, so it is understandable that when you first walk through a house, you could easily miss problem areas. Unfortunately, these trouble spots can add up to substantial dollars in future home repairs. A home inspector is trained to give an unbiased professional opinion of the structural and mechanical condition of the home to help you avoid these expensive surprises.

A thorough home inspection will cover the structure of the entire house from the basement to the roof and all walls, ceilings, doors and windows in between. It should also cover all the systems used in the home including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling.

If the inspector identifies areas of concern, it is appropriate for him to suggest ways to correct the problems and give a general idea of the cost of those repairs.

Buying a house is an important investment, so the role of the home inspector is crucial. You want to hire the one who best meets your needs.

Talk with family or friends who might be able to suggests some names to consider. Check the experience, references and credentials of potential inspectors. Further, you can see if they are members of a professional home inspectors association.

To insure an unbiased final report, it is also important to confirm that the inspector has no connection with any individual or firm that might influence an independent inspection of the house you are considering.

Ask the home inspector details about their report. Will it be in written form? Will they make recommendations for repairs and give cost estimates? What guarantee do they provide if problems arise after the purchase of the home?